Why Choose Buyers Brokers of the Seacoast

Since we have no seller clients, YOU (the buyer) can be assured we have no secondary motivation to move a particular property!

Let's say that again in a more positive light:
We remove any conflict of interest by representing one party -

BoTTom Line:

1 - We Save You Money
2 - We Help Reduce Stress
3 - We Save You Time
4 - Avoids Conflict

Homebuying 101: Bought vs. Sold

The famous BOUGHT sign designed by Buyers Brokers of the Seacoast - exclusive buyer representation for real property purchases

A Different Sign

It Shows That You BOUGHT the House, Not That You Were Sold a House.

When we started offering our buyer only services in 1990, it soon became evident that we had not SOLD our clients a property, but had helped them BUY, and thus the BOUGHT sign became our sign. Much of our work is counseling and advising and we highly respect our client's ability and right to make their own decisions.

We are proud to display our BOUGHT sign on a property, once it is purchased, to let neighbors know that it has indeed changed ownership and that we helped the new owners in the process.

The Easier Way to Buy a Home Lies in Your Representation

4 Reasons to utilize the services of an exclusive home buying agent.

Wall of Boughts Video

#1 - We Save You Money

Last year, on average, we saved our home buying clients over $15,000.

However, playing less is not one of our foremost goals in representing real estate home buyers: we are not "discount brokers". On the contrary, there is nothing "discounted" about our service. We are committed to counseling and educating the real estate buyer and thus, helping them make better choices throughout the home purchase process. Buyers have a trusted partner through which they can ask questions and bounce ideas around helping them balance emotion and practicality in making one of the largest investments of their lifetime.

#2 - We Help Reduce Stress

The savings are just a part of what happens with a protected relationship.

And dollars are not the only savings! Most of our clients, when asked what was the BIGGEST plus to our service, said: "Reduced Stress". We support the buyer throughout the process, guiding them in selecting other professionals in the process and making sure they know the "next" step in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Through questioning and listening to the buyer, we can guide them in selecting the best location for them, more choices for insurance and better negotiation on your behalf. That can only happen when the agent is focused 100% on the client's needs.

#3 - We Save You Time

Using our office of exclusive buyer agents will ultimately save you time because we offer a no-obligation counseling session that only takes about an hour and explains the buying process to you and how our client level services will help you find the home, investment property. commercial space or land YOU want and fits YOUR needs! We are sure that taking a short time at the beginning will not only save you time but can also save you money. Our services can also be customized to fit your needs.

Our buyer clients are our #1 priority because we don't have listings to worry about marketing and selling - we are working for you and only you.

#4 Avoids Conflict

We are an exclusive buyer agency company. All the agents in our company are licensed real estate agents and work for buyers all the time - full time buyer representatives, specialists.

How is that different from most real estate companies? Most real estate companies focus on listing properties for sale for sellers providing seller  services. Through open houses, multiple listing services and advertising attract buyers. If a buyer becomes interested in purchasing a listed property, that agent and/or 6that company may offer buyer agency services to the buyer. Since agency services are obligatory upon the entire company, it is quite easy for one company to be offering them to buyer and seller of the same property at the same time. When this occurs it is very easy for conflict of interest to become a factor. Potential for conflict of interest is the main reason we have opted to specialize in representing BUYERS only.


  1. Exclusive Buyer's Agent
    Works for an office that does not take listings of any kind and represents buyers only
  2. Buyer's Agent
    Works in an office that takes listings. The Buyer Agent will work for a buyer under contract. If a buyer wished to purchase a property listed by the same office, the agent will declare dual (or limited) agency and represent both the buyer and seller in a limited capacity.
  3. Single Agency Buyer's Agent
    Works in an office that takes listings. He or she can represent both buyers and sellers, but will only represent one client in any real estate transaction. The Single Agency Buyer Agent does not practice dual agency.
  4. Traditional or Seller's Agent
    Works in a real estate office that takes listings. Agents represents the seller and works with -- not for -- buyers as customers. All legal obligations are to the seller.

Which Would You Prefer? The Choice is Yours

If you choose an Exclusive Buyer's Agent with Buyer's Brokers of the Seacoast, you can be assured that YOUR interests are represented 100% of the time with no conflict.  We are Realtors® who work ONLY for you, the buyer!