Relocating? We're the Experts in the Seacoast Area

...and Painless Relocation is Possible

Whether you are moving TO or FROM the seacoast area, we can help you locate an Exclusive Buyer Agent to make your relocation as smooth as possible. START with this checklist we whipped up after years of experience with hundreds of clients: 60 Things TO DO Before Your Move Date


our quickie tour of your seacoast town of preference will give you a better idea of the area

The Quickie is a short tour of one or more seacoast towns by car, or an overview of the entire area in our office. It takes about an hour and is available with an appointment.

Here are some reasons that might make The Quickie important to you!

  • You are here interviewing for a position, so getting to know the housing market here is essential - not to mention the neighborhoods, school and commute.
  • You are visiting but thinking about possibly moving here. This is the fun way to window shop for your next living space - no pressure!
  • You are attending a conference locally, like the vibe and want to know more.
  • You are vacationing here and have decided you would like a second or retirement home here.
  • You are returning to the seacoast after years of being away and need to reacquaint yourself with the area.
  • You got off I-95 and discovered paradise! (This is not that unusual...)
  • You are ready to make the move but have to convince someone else.

Contact our office and speak with one of our experienced buyer agents, we can set up either an office consultation or short car tour to help you in making the best relocation decision. Since we represent no sellers’ properties, we have no interest in a particular development, project or area. Instead, we are unbiased in helping you focus on a local solution that meets your wants and needs.


Our 100% buyer representation services are the ideal solution for the stress that can come with a big move. Since we represent NO seller interests, your exclusive buyer agent can be full time helping you find and secure the right home for you.

Local Utilities

Unitil Gas 866-933-3820
Eastern Propane 800-523-5237
D.F. Richard 800-649-6457
Simply Green Biodiesel 603-772-3155
Eversource (formerly Public Service of NH)
Unitil – Electric 800-582-7276
Central Maine Power 800-750-4000

Moving Away From THE SEACOAST

If your move is taking you away from the Seacoast, we can help you secure exclusive buyer representation in your new location. Our professional associations with like agencies throughout the world can help us refer you to someone who can provide comparable service.

Moving Companies

Gentle Giant Moving Company 800-GIANT-MEN
McLaughlin Moving Co / Mayflower 800-635-5004
Preferred Movers 877-846-7841
William Huff Moving & Storage 800-247-5564
Wood Brothers Moving & Storage 800-722-3033


We Love the Referral System With Our Colleagues

Over 95% of our business comes from referrals.

real estate referrals

  • Past buyer clients who recommend us to someone they know
  • Other professionals working with people relocating to the area
  • Real estate agents who find themselves in a “conflicting” situation
  • Past buyer clients returning to purchase again and again and again
  • Exclusive Buyer Agents from all over the world looking for our specialized services
  • Our Local Business Network who appreciate that we are a one location locally owned and operated business
  • Our dear friends and families

…and don’t forget: 

We Can Help You Get Out of Town, Too!

We can connect you, your friends and family to a buyers agent wherever you are moving to!

E-mail us and let us know where the destination location is, and we will find and interview a buyer’s agent for you!

Adopt a Company

Corporate Relocation is easy with Buyers Brokers of the SeacoastOur Adopt a Company program was designed to help local companies who regularly relocate employees. Through an alliance with the company, they can be assured that each relocating employee will receive 100% buyer representation which means a faster, less stressful move for the employee and a more cost effective move for the employer.

request our Relocation Services Brochure e-mail us at