Is a Career in Real Estate For You?


The Interview Process

At Buyer’s Brokers of the Seacoast, we are always eager to talk to potential exclusive buyer agents. 

Our Interview process consists of three [3] separate interviews:

  1. The first with broker-owner Jim Albert
  2. The second with an agent currently with the company
  3. The final interview is again with Jim Albert to discuss policies in detail.

After each interview both the candidate and the company will need to mutually agree that the interview process needs to go to the next step. If you are a new licensee, we encourage you to investigate all the many opportunities available in the real estate field. If you are considering getting your license, you can find local pre-licensing classes at: The information you learn in these classes will be useful to you in making personal investment decisions even if you never decide to pursue a real estate career. All of us at Buyer’s Brokers of the Seacoast came from at least one other field before settling on our specialization of representing homebuyers.

21 Things I Wish My Broker Had Told Me

Frank Cook's book - 21 Things I Wish My Broker Had Told Me

If you complete the interview process you will receive a complimentary copy of this book by local Portsmouth author Frank Cook. His candid revelations can really help you get up to speed much more quickly!


Is a career in real estate in your future?


 RealEstate, as a career, attracts thousands of potential agents every year. Among those intrigued are people in every age, socio-economic, and level of experience. Unfortunately, as thousands decide to enter the field, thousands also leave it. This is mostly due to unrealistic expectations of what a career in real estate is really like.

For example:

“The good news is the hours are flexible. The bad news is they are flexible around your client’s needs…not necessarily your own!”

“The pay is good…when there is pay!”

Like most jobs that can become a career, if there is no passion, you will burn out before you can make a livelihood at it. Still, once hooked, the joy in helping clients complete one of the largest and most emotional financial transactions they will make in their lifetime is thoroughly rewarding.

So…weighing all the pros and cons…you’ve decided on real estate.

Buyer’s Brokers of the Seacoast offers a 3-6 agent office with over a decade of experience as an exclusive buyer agency. Since its inception in 1990, the company has maintained its position as one of the Top Offices nationwide. Challenged by breaking new ground and dedicated to the rights and protection of the real estate consumer, Buyer’s Brokers of the Seacoast seeks real estate professionals who see themselves in a career advocating for the consumer and taking exclusive buyer representation to new professional heights.

Agents' Testimonials

Jim Albert: "Buyer's Brokers of the Seacoast is the oldest and largest exclusive buyer agency in the area. In any market condition home buyers without question need our advice, guidance and help when purchasing property. Buyer's Brokers of the Seacoast provides a great atmosphere in enabling us to work effectively and develop relationships with fellow Realtors and our lasting relationships with our clients."

Melanie Wilson: "I had a positive experience as a buyer client represented by Buyer's Brokers of the Seacoast and decided to become an exclusive buyer's agent as a result. Fifteen years later and I'm still here and enjoying all the strong relationships I've developed with all my past clients."

Mike McLaughlin: "I was drawn to Buyer's Brokers of the Seacoast because of the unique service it provided.  Working with only buyers removes any conflict of interest and provides them with an unbiased presentation of properties.  Buyer's Brokers of the Seacoast has 20+ years of providing quality service that people trust.  The atmosphere here created over the years allows us to grow both professionally and personally."

Join the team and discover…

Stability – Local company, same ownership
Unique business specializing in buyer agency
Commitment to and from buyer clients
Career building environment
Educational opportunities are endless
Strong Team Atmosphere
Support from local, state and national levels