Our Pledge to Our Home Buying Clients

Our mission is to offer comprehensive and professional advice to buyer clients in order to educate and inform them in the real estate purchase of their choice.

We are committed to serving the interests of real estate buyers - exclusively.

Established January 1st 1990

Our many years of satisfied client testimonials serve as evidence of our commitment to our mission as well as serving as the basis of our marketing. 

We listen.



Top 5 FAQs of Exclusive Buyer Agency

1. If I am considering using your services, when should I contact you?

The sooner the better, ideally as soon as you start to consider a purchase. Although we can be brought into the process at any point, by waiting until you have located and/or viewed the property may result in important lost counseling and possible additional costs to you. [see below 4. How We Get Paid].

2. How does your interview process work?

You can call or e-mail [info@buyeragents4u.com] us to set up an initial no obligation 1-2 hour counseling session. This can be done at the office, by phone, or on-line. It should include all the parties considering the purchase. Our agent will assess your wants and needs and address how he/she can help you. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and will receive materials to take home to review as well. This initial two-way interview assures both the agent and the buyer client prospect that both parties are ready and comfortable with working together as a team. Although the agent will generally schedule a follow-up call, in most cases the buyer initiates the next meeting if they are ready and wish to sign-up with us.

3. If you don't list properties for sale, how do you find properties?

We are members of the NH and Maine Multiple Listing Services [MLS], which almost all Realtors use to place their listings and provide members access. We also keep a pulse on the For Sale By Owner [FSBO] market as well as Short Sale & Foreclosures. Because we represent the buyer, we can approach any potential seller who may have a property that meets your needs.

4. How do you get paid?

We generally get paid out of the transaction.
If the property has been listed with a real estate agency, that listing agency has agreed to:
a) market the home for sale and b) bring the seller a ready, willing and able buyer. The seller has in turn agreed to pay the listing agency X% of the purchase price at closing once a and b have occurred. IF our agency provides You as the ready, willing and able buyer the listing agency will offer part of the X% as a co-broke split or fee to our agency for completing b above.

When You sign up for buyer representation with our agency You agree that we will be paid for representing you. That payment is established and is due at closing. It is rare that a buyer owes our agency more than that co-broke fee, but You will always know how and what Our Agency is being paid because our agency works directly for you.

In cases where You are considering a purchase from a seller directly [FSBO], we will prepare and present an offer on your behalf that includes our agency fee. It is common in real estate transactions for commissions to be rolled into the price to allow buyers to pay them over time in their mortgage loan.


5. If you are paid a % of the purchase price, what incentive do you have to negotiate a better price on my behalf?

Over 90% of Our business is based on referral and repeat business. If we can save You $10,000 in the purchase price [as an example only] Our commission might diminish about $250. Is it worth $250 to our agency to receive referral buyers from Your family and friends? Absolutely. Although the savings many times is reflected in the purchase price, Your total savings may be through counseling tips and other concessions that might have never been introduced into the offer had we not been involved. These savings go directly to you with no impact on our agency commission.

Our Menu of Exclusive Buyer Services

Our Menu of Exclusive Buyer Agent Services

The Whole Enchilada

The favorite choice of consumers, we will take buyers through the entire buying process, from inception of the concept through the search for a property, financing, research, negotiations, inspections, pre-closing and closing. We typically get paid at the completion of the process... at closing and we typically get paid by the sales agent from his commission for selling the house (a very common practice). Because there is a great deal of time invested by the agent, for many consumers this is the "best buy"!

A la Carte Options

In circumstances where only specialized consultation services are needed they can be structured either:


Based on your agent's hourly fee, you would pay for services when the services are rendered.

Task Based

Considering what part of the process you need, a fee for completing the task is established.

For example, you may be a tenant and have been offered an opportunity to purchase your apartment or building. You may need help in establishing value and preparing an offer only.

Another example might be an investor trying to locate a specific type of property and is only interested in obtaining "search" services. 


As the name implies, we can tailor our services to your needs by establishing expectations and guidelines up front to assure success.

As members of NAEBA [National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents], we work under their Standards of Practice.